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Datacenter/Server Room Security

For a business, it is very important to secure its data and server room else it may lead to major risks such as undetected smoke that can lead to fire incidents, ineffective monitoring of behavior of onsite individuals, ineffective employee notification systems during emergencies, endangerment of high level management staff, inefficient management of data center keys, external hacking and ineffective inventory management procedures.

Vouch Pro offers Datacenter/Server Room Security systems, which are designed to meet the varied needs of different business types. With the help of Vouch Pro Datacenter/Server Room Security, you can build a secure and dynamic information infrastructure that further helps in reducing the complexity and cost of security.

Features of Datacenter/Server Room Security Solution by Vouch Pro:

  • “Very early smoke detection system“ which detect smoke in a facility at a very early stage, allowing end users to prevent fires and related damages to equipment.
  • Real time location system (RTLS) wherein each employee is required to carry a wireless location marker device. It provides effective and continuous monitoring of each employee’s location and sends notifications when an employee enters a restricted zone.
  • Mass notification systems (via an audio or video message, SMS or email ) to notify and protect individuals affected.
  • Emergency alarm systems equip high level management personnel with wireless emergency alarm apparatus that send an emergency alarm signal that can notify security guard staff to enact any necessary measures.
  • Key management system for secure storage, access and alarm notification.
  • Integration of physical access management system with the login information system prevents external hacking.
  • RFID asset management system.

Vouch Pro is a renowned Datacenter/Server Room Security Systems provider in India.


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