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Fire Detection and Alarm System

The role of fire detection and alarm systems is to identify a fire emergency in a timely manner, and to alert the building's occupants and fire emergency organizations. They may also shut down electrical, air handling equipment or special process operations, and they may be used to initiate automatic suppression systems. Vouch Pro offers a contemporary range of Fire Detection & Alarm Systems that are specially designed to safeguard businesses, offices and homes from fire hazards.

Types of Fire Detectors:

Detectors are available in a wide variety of types. The major categories are heat, smoke, and flame detectors. Within each category are numerous additional specific types. Several varieties of detectors, such as flame detectors, are used primarily to activate suppression systems.

  • Heat detectors are the most basic detection devices. They are available in several types. These types are divided into two major categories; spot and line. Spot detectors are single units installed in single locations throughout the protected area. Line detectors provide a continuous detector throughout the area of coverage. Spot detectors are more commonly used,with line type detectors being reserved for special situations.
  • Smoke detectors are available in a variety of types. Photoelectric smoke detectors operate based upon light scattering within the detection chamber of the detector. Ionization smoke detectors detect the particles in smoke. Smoke detectors are also available in combination with a heat detector. The beam type detector operates when the beam is interrupted by obscuring smoke between the laser emitter and receiver. These detectors are most often used in areas of large open spaces.
  • An air sampling detection system uses tubing placed throughout the protected area. The tubing has small holes spaced out along the length of the tube and air is constantly drawn into the unit, which can detect extremely low levels of combustion products.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems:

Fire Alarm Systems may be addressable or non-addressable. In the first type, all of the detectors on the system have a unique digital identifier. The fire alarm control panel can communicate individually with each device. In non-addressable systems, detectors may be divided into zones based on all of the detectors being on the same pair of wires, but the control panel cannot determine any information about an individual detector.

Addressable systems offer several advantages. The first is that a specific indication of the location of activation is available during a fire. This specific location capability is also part of the second major advantage of these systems: trouble signals can specifically identify the component with a problem. If a single detector fails, for example, an addressable system will provide a trouble signal that indicates the specific detector. In non-addressable systems, the zone will be identified, but a repair person will have to check each detector in that zone to determine which one is not working.

Notification appliances connected to the Fire Alarm Panels are the audible, visual, and other devices located throughout the facility that warn occupants when the system has detected a fire. Horns, strobes, combination units, and bells are examples of these devices. Fire alarm control panels often have features available that allow alarms to be activated in selected locations within the facility based upon the location of the detector that activates. This feature can be used to permit staged evacuations.

Benefits of Fire Detection & Alarm Systems by Vouch Pro:

  • Broad portfolio of products and systems for accurate, reliable fire detection and notification.
  • Customised solutions and design as per customer’s need and budget.
  • Experienced and expert technicians for quality installation in accordance with fire regulations.
  • Reliable and cost effective maintenance support.

Vouch Pro is well known for offering state of the art fire detection and alarm solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties as also for quality installation and maintenance.

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