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Live Streaming Webcast

Webcast is a modern technology which uses Internet to broad cast live or delayed audio and/or video transmissions, much like traditional television and radio broadcasts. For example, a university may offer on-line courses in which the instructor Webcasts a pre-recorded or live lecture, or an enterprise may Webcast a press conference in lieu of or in addition to a conference call. Using streaming media, there is no need to download the content before viewing.

Vouch Pro offers Webcast solutions for educational institutions, training institutions, corporate sector, NGOs and others who may wish to disseminate information to their widely dispersed target audience.

Benefits of Webcast with Vouch Pro:

  • Wider Audiences : Our live streaming Webcast solution allows you to reach out to global audiences using the simplest yet highly technologically advanced systems.
  • Reduced Costs : With Vouch Pro’s Webcast solutions, your costs related to organizing an event traditionally such as travel, hiring of venue, lodging, meals, etc. get eliminated.
  • Connect With Your Audience : Being a real time technology, it helps in connecting with the audience. The queries posted in the comment section can be entertained immediately by you.
  • Qualitative Output : The output is praised for high definition quality video and audio broadcasts.
  • Convenience: Your audience can also connect with you with On Demand programming, in the comfort of their home or office.
  • Richer Content : In Webcast, you can choose from the different types of content to be broadcast. You can also combine different multimedia and presentation methodologies. Option of recording videos for subsequent use is also available.

Vouch Pro is a trusted name for high quality Live Streaming Webcast solution provider in India.


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